Buried Alive - Last Rites Vinyl LP

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100 Demons

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The follow up to various 7"s as well as 1999s "Death Of Your Perfect World" (also on Victory Records), this is full of sonic audio assaults of sheer brutality. Heavy New York hardcore topped off with a rash of chaotic vocal beatings. Nine songs followed by five live bonus tracks. Now available again on vinyl.

1.  Engraved
2.  My Sacrifice
3.  A Coward's Eyes
4.  Do You Remember?
5.  Can't Take This From Me
6.  Numb
7.  Hang Yourself In Shame
8.  Burning Holes Through Myself
9.  Cleanse Yourself
10.  Kill Their Past (live) (bonus track)
11.  Engraved (live) (bonus track)
12.  My Sacrifice (live) (bonus track)
13.  Our Time Is At Hand (live) (bonus track)
14.  Watching You Die (live) (bonus track)
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